Pinky Promise to Yourself
Pinky Promise to Yourself

Pinky Promise to Yourself

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The most important promise is to yourself.

"You’ve been taught to keep your commitments and to not break a promise. You probably go out of your way to make sure you don’t let someone down, but not if that someone is you. If you make promises, set goals or intentions for yourself, they are often the first to go when things get busy.

Think back to a time when you were stood up by someone. You felt sad, hurt, unimportant, and disappointed in the person who canceled on you. Whether or not you sit in these emotions when you break a promise to yourself is up to you, but you can’t deny their existence. You, often unconsciously, start to view yourself as unreliable, flaky, and believe the narrative that you aren’t important and worthy of this time for you. Eventually, you start to view every goal or commitment you make for your improvement as optional.

Studies on cognitive dissonance show that when people’s actions and beliefs don’t line up, they usually change their beliefs to match their actions. You may be slowly but surely telling yourself you don’t matter and don’t deserve the time you’ve tried to set aside.

It also boosts your confidence and reminds you that you are valuable and worthy of this self-care. Studies show that keeping a promise to yourself helps you feel strong and confident, and boosts your productivity and happiness! This is a powerful way to live.

And let’s not forget that filling up your own tank allows you to have more to give to others."

Excerpt from: Ali Lambert