No Water Crystals

I love using crystals to infuse my baths, water, and elixirs - but not all crystals can be submerged in water, some even denigrate!

If you're using Crystals in your bath (like Epson Salt), it's also important to know which crystals aren't good with salt. Check out that list at the bottom.

These are not all the crystals that exists, so if you have a less common crystal or just want to double check you can find out what the crystal's Mohs number is.

Mohs scale is a scale of the scratch-ability of stones when they are scratched by another substance.

1 is very soft e.g. Talc, and 10 is very hard e.g. Diamond.

It is a good guide to the general toughness of the stone and it’s ability to withstand impact or pressure..and whether you should  have it in a pouch in your pocket or if it’s fine rolling about next to your keys.

Generally, any crystal that has a Mohs rating of 6/7 or higher can safely be cleaned in water.

TIP: I usually only like to put polished stones in my bath, especially if they're lower on Mohs scale.

 No Water Crystals No Salt Crystals
Selenite Selenite
Tangerine Quartz Malachite
Opal Opal
Fluorite Flourite
Gysum Amber
Hematite Turquoise
Apatite Calcite
Halite Red Coral
Ulexite Moonstone
Hematite Topaz
Pyrite Carmelian
Celestite Kyanite
Azurite Azurite
Labradorite Kunzite


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