Fiber Art

Woahven Fiber art is handmade in Arizona utilizing techniques from Navajo weavings, modern macrame and modern textile designs.

These works of art stem from artist, Cat Brown's, Spiritual journey through self discovery, self belonging and empowerment.

Cat's creative process is a Productive Adventure, always evolving and always adapting allowing for the creation to happen.  As one of her favorite poets IN-Q wrote, "The Art is more important than the Artist."


In addition to Woahven being a fun play on words ...

(Woah) Spelled with the common 20th century spelling representing the artist's modern creative nomadic experience with the oldest surviving craft in the world. The tradition of weaving traces back to Neolithic times - approximately 12,000 years ago!

(Ven) meaning "friend" in Danish, representing community and the collective.

also .... WHOA FRIEND .. did you see that new WOAHVEN piece? ;)