Our Story

The Mystic Nomad is a creative expression of spiritual journeys. We hope to play a role in your awakening whether that’s through art, magick or hygge.

With the intent that the journey of our lives is more important than the destination, we know that our spiritual journey and our personal growth will never reach an end; we are here for the experience of life.

The Mystic Nomad honors this evolution in our growth with visual representations of where we’ve been, where we are and what we desire to evolve to, recognizing that we are never stagnant and like the moon, will always have phases and seasons that emulate our human experience.

When we are excited or connected to something we typically feel it so deep within our soul. Honing in on this through experience, visuals, and scent, the Mystic Nomad brings you art and tools that elevate your emotions, therefore, elevating your vibration and through the Law of Attraction bringing more of this vibration into your life.  Even though we all have bad days, surrounding your environment with higher vibrating energy will naturally elevate your frequency making bad days, a little brighter.

All of our art and tools have been made with intention and love. We share some of the inspiration in our descriptions, but encourage you to tap into what you feel physically and emotionally drawn to.

"We want to help you remember the worthy, powerful Being that you are, and your reason for coming into this time-space-realty. We want you to remember your intent to explore the contrast of this wonderful environment, knowing that it would give birth to a continual stream of new intentions; and we want you to remember that who-you-really-are--your Inner Being, or Total You, or Source--is joyous in the expansion that you are about.
We want you to remember that you can FEEL by the power of your emotions in every moment.... When you feel love, that means that the way you are seeing the object of your attention matches the way the Inner You see it.
You cannot feel joy while you are focusing upon something not wanted, or the lack of something wanted; therefore, while you are feeling joy, you will never be in the state of contradicted vibration.
Because of the Law of Attraction, each of you is like a powerful magnet, attracting unto you more of the way that you feel at any point in time. Words alone do not attract, but when you feel emotion that means your vibration is strong, and the Law of Attraction must answer those vibrations."
-Abraham Hicks (The Law of Attraction)


We hope our spiritual art allows and evokes joy so deeply that the Law of Attraction can only match with more joy entering your life.

With love, light and meraki,

The Mystic Nomad


Cat Brown is the owner and lead Artisan behind The Mystic Nomad. She resides in Arizona with her Husband and 2 furkids Milo the Creative Cat and Ellie the hallmonitor Corgi. When not at home, you can find her exploring coffee shops, on the West Fork trail in Sedona or her local Crystal Shops. She holds a BA in Art Education