Being creative challenges our mental processes to problem solve, innovate, work through frustrations of "it" not working out, adapting in real time, evolving and adding to our current skill-set, while also recognizing and challenging ourselves to be okay with different perspectives and opinions.

If practiced, Creativity can be a mental exercise that continues challenging us post childhood and can set us apart in competitive fields and within our business niches.

The Mystic Nomad creates mindful opportunities for adults to be creative in a low pressure, fun, community environment. Through these creative experiences, we get to organically exercise and challenge our mind while also being present with ourselves as we reflect inward.

A side effect of these experiences is a deeper understanding and connection to the power of making something with our hands. The energy and love flowing from a creator embedded into the very fiber of the art itself, carrying intentional and conscious energy to the space it sits in. Many leave with a new found respect for handmade art and artists, as well as newly ignited creative drive.

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