Tips for an Abundant Creative Mindset!

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For a long time scarcity mindset was always on my mind.

The fiber and spiritual communities are filled with such incredible humans and art that I really doubted if there was a place for me.

Did I find weaving too late in the game?

Does my voice really matter in this saturated social market?

I lived in this place of lack, of scarcity, of fear that I might miss out.

In a world where success often looks like trampling over anyone who might get in your way, it was so important to learn how to develop an abundance mindset for myself.

To understand that we all have our time to shine

Here are a couple tips for creating an Abundance Mindset around your creativity.

Focus on your strengths, your passions, your secret moon juice, rather than comparing yourself, your phase, and your style to others.

It's easy to lose sight of ourselves when we're caught up in trying to be like someone else, or be better than our "competition" - We can't be the best at everything, so just be the best at YOUR thing.

ᴡᴇ ɴᴇᴇᴅ ʏᴏᴜ

Your creativity, your gifts, your story, your unique way of creating brings intentional, impactful work into this world which in turn will empower and elevates the collective!

Here are some affirmations to amplify your creative abundance mindset!

• Creativity is endless in the universe
• There is enough space for everyone
• The way I create is unique
• I share my creative gifts with the world
• I surrender to the creativity of the Universe
• I am my best source of creative motivation
• I am creative and open to new solutions

What is your biggest scarcity struggle?

Share in the comments or DM me so we can connect!

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